Commercial transactions between Vietnam and Canada grew strongly

Commercial transactions between Vietnam and Canada grew strongly


Trade between Vietnam and Canada in 2018 is calculable at half-dozen.36 billion CAD (4.6 billion USD), up 4.2 % from the previous year, with the Southeast Asian country recording a surplus of some four.34 billion CAD.

According to preliminary information of Statistics Canada, Vietnam’s exports to the North yankee country rebounded in 2018 to five.35 billion CAD, up 5.2 p.c year on year. Its imports from North American country stayed flat at around one.01 billion CAD.

Vietnam’s major foreign currency earners like textile-garment, footwear and wood merchandise announce sensible growth. many new merchandise recorded surges in overseas shipments, together with plastic and rubber merchandise (27 percent), copra oil (100 percent), and paper merchandise (50 percent).

In distinction, the export of mobile phones to North American country continued to fall sharply for the second straight year, dropping by eleven p.c from 2017, and was reminiscent of solely fifty p.c of the export price in 2016.

Imports of some massive teams of commodities from North American country rose powerfully like coal (up a pair of.5-fold), pulp (up threefold) and animal skin materials (up seventy percent), whereas others announce declines, resulting in a stagnant import turnover.

The Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) is anticipated to market bilateral trade. With Canada’s quick tariff reduction roadmap (from seventeen – eighteen % to zero % in 3 years), some Vietnamese things area unit forecast to witness robust export growth as from 2019 like textile-garment, footwear, handbags, plastics and wood merchandise.

For their half, Canadian businesses have an interest in Vietnam’s gap of its marketplace for foreign agricultural merchandise like pork, beef, chicken, aquatic merchandise and contemporary fruits.

Aside from the CPTPP, impact of the US-China trade war has conjointly created several Canadian corporations commit to move a number of their factories and orders from China to Vietnam, that is additionally an opportunity for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations nation to spice up shipments to Canada.


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