Pinetree Vietnam is a highly regarded Vietnamese trade and exporter.

We offer a wide range of first-class frozen seafood, canned and dried seafood to large and small importers.

Our export markets are Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, UAE …

We are also focusing on developing and providing more attractive packaging products for retail areas. For example, instant noodle products are favored by Asian countries.

In providing this service, we represent both buyers and suppliers. We can conduct quality checks and advise on prices and availability of materials on behalf of buyers in many countries around the world.


Buying volume according to customers’ needs can combine many products into one order, leading to competitive prices on our main products, such as: Shrimp, Sea fish, Fillet, Canned food , Dried seafood…

Providing accurate seasonally provided information to buyers for their various top priority products.

We have close relationships with other leading processors in Vietnam, to meet our customers’ needs for a wide range of products.


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