How to find the Seafood Supplier at the Trade Show

how to find the supplier at trade show


  • If you are looking for a legitimate, reliable and suitable seafood supplier from Vietnam, really, one of the best ways is to attend seafood trade exhibitions, and the results will not be Time to disappoint you.

    Value of trade shows
    Trade shows always act as an important and important platform for selling and introducing many products where people from different places can talk directly for years. All know that one of the most challenging steps to start a new business is to find a suitable and reliable supplier. However, it’s hard to determine the quality of a company and its products by viewing websites, social media websites or online business platforms.

    how to find the supplier at trade show

    That is because, in the context of globalization, suppliers can be located in different countries, which makes it difficult to visit a location based on the product. A transaction shows that you can compare the same products from different suppliers, as well as talk to them and eventually find your target product.

    It can be said that almost all suppliers attending the trade show are l.e.g.a.l because they have to pay high fees for their booths at the exhibition center and are accepted in advance by a trade fair organizer trade and organizers. A group of new ideas, new business opportunities and seafood products can be found in a trade show where nearly thousands of suppliers meet.

    Global seafood trade show
    Seafood trade shows demonstrate almost ev.e.r.y type of seafood related product or service. In the program, you can find fresh fish and seafood, frozen fish and seafood, processed fish and seafood, value-added seafood, processing and packaging facilities, and public service providers. seafood industry and other interesting products.

    Part of the popular and large-scale global trade shows are as follows:
    + The North American Seafood Expo, located in Boston, is North America’s largest seafood trade show, where more than 1,000 exhibitors from more than 40 countries gather.
    + ThaiFex, located in Ban Mai, is the most influential program for Food & Beverage, Food and Retail Technology & Franchising, where 2,169 exhibitors come together.
    + Conxemar, located in Vigo, is an annual international trade show for the frozen fish sector and is listed in three of Europe’s leading trade shows.
    + The Japan International Fisheries Technology & Exhibition, located in Tokyo, includes Japanese aquaculture production, processing and circulation.
    + The above seafood programs have different advantages and locations and you can choose the program closest to you or a program that interests you v.e.r.y much.

    seafood supplier at thaifex
    seafood supplier at trade show

    Tips for buyers in a seafood trade show:
    The following are Seven Tips for you to find a suitable supplier at seafood trade shows.

    Tip I: Research before the program
    Doing a research job before a good show, you can know who will talk to you before going to the gallery. Before the show, please check the profile of all exhibitors you are interested in through the organizers website where there are direct request forms. You can make an appointment with the suppliers you plan to cooperate with as soon as possible, because they can be booked by others or your competitors.

    Tip II: Prepare details.
    On trade show dates, please make sure you get enough company cards and brochures. Moreover, please wear appropriate and comfortable clothes and shoes, plus bring a handbook and pen. Donith forgot the most important tool, a mobile phone, that could be used to take pictures and take notes.

    Tip III: Investigate suppliers.
    First, you can investigate the suppliers you are most interested in to see if they attended the previous exhibit and you can remember information about their prices and seafood products in advance so you can compare them. Compare with their prices and products on the website.

    Tip IV: At the Exhibition.
    Please start early because the old saying is, An early bird catches the worm. You can use the program planner you have prepared in advance to help you decide and set goals for your day. First, observe the booths and suppliers you plan to meet or whom you have scheduled to meet. After completing these things, you can go row by row, floor and hall because you might be surprised at what you will find. Provided you see a v.e.r.y busy booth that you think is suitable for you, don’t be afraid. Just ask them when it will be appropriate for you to come back and talk to them.
    Next, take the opportunity to bring together a large group of seafood masters that you can dine with and share experiences to continue expanding your vision and vision. Once you have found a good supplier or have some experience, please write it down quickly because your brain may not function as you expect before such a big information. .
    Then try to take full advantage of the personal interaction and get the biggest discount with your communication strategy. You can talk to different seafood suppliers and compare different types of seafood by looking, smelling or even touching if allowed. Finally, if you intend to place an order, please consider whether you want to order immediately or do it after the program takes place. No matter when you decide to order, please be cautious.

    Tip V: Don’t buy too much.
    When ordering at the exhibition, please get the minimum quantity according to your own needs. If the moq is too much for you, you can negotiate with the supplier to make changes for you, especially in the initial cooperation phase. It’s not too late to place a large order after the first batch of seafood arrives at your company.

    Tip VI: Look before you jump
    As we know, trade shows are always big and spread in different galleries, which can scare you and motivate you to make quick decisions. Keep calm and never get dizzy. It is never too late to make your decision after you have talked to all the providers that you have previously scheduled and have seen all the suppliers that interest you in the show. If the price, shipping and quantity are all right for you, of course, you can decide after a full review.

    Tip VII: After the show.
    The first thing you should do is review your notes to see if you have collected the information efficiently and fully. Then pick out who you want to collaborate and browse their website. It is always good to look for a better business office to confirm whether it is l.e.g.a.l or not. Meanwhile, make sure the price, deliv.e.r.y and service you receive are the same in the program. If you have placed an order at the exhibition, please follow it in time to avoid any changes and to ensure your order has been processed. If they do not track your order by the specified time, you may consider changing to another provider.
    Remember that in a trade show, suppliers always intend to sell and buyers always want to find the right supplier. To find a suitable seafood supplier in an seafood exhibition effectively, you should first have a general understanding of the global seafood exhibition and then follow the advice above. I wish you a happy trip in seafood trade show.

    Seafood Supplier at Trade Show
    seafood supplier at trade show


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