The fisheries industry in Vietnam

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The fisheries industry in Vietnam
General information

In Vietnam, the piscary sector plays a crucial role within the economy, accounting for regarding 4-5 % of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and regarding 9-10% of national export revenue.

More than four ample folks operating within the piscary and also the growth in production have attributed to the fish exports. due to powerfully increase in a few years, Vietnam ranks among the highest 10 food suppliers and its food product ar exported to one hundred seventy markets within the world.

Shrimp, pangasius, tuna, squid and octopus ar main food product exported by the country. In which, shrimp exports produce regarding US$ three.5 – four billion, frame 46-50% of the overall food sales of Vietnam. Earnings from pangasius reached at US$ one.7 – 1.8 billion (25% of the total) and exports from Tuna and Cephalopods ar US$ 450 – 550 million for every.

Exports to the U.S, Japan, EU, China and South Korea frame seventy fifth of Vietnam’s food sales to the wolrd.

5 blessings for Vietnam food exports:

(1) High commitment and participation from Government, business and corporations for food safety, surroundings and social responsibility;

(2) able to offer the large volume and safe quality and stable food products;

(3) Meet all the customers’ necessities, incl. the vertical linkage (integration) for every species sector;

(4) Vietnam is one in few countries within the world that has the great and stable labor resource;

(5) Vietnam has Agreements / FTAs with several countries and territories and has benefits each in product quality and im-ex tax.

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